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Our Services Include:

Solar suitability site survey
Economic analysis of PV
Off-grid system design
Solar DHW design
Solar Pathfinder shade analysis
Classes and group tutorials
FIT projects
PV system troubleshooting
Help completing IESO and Hydro applications
Consulting services for DIY installations
Custom parts kit sales
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Details of all of our services:

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Generating Green Electricity using Solar Energy

Are you tired of spending far too much money on electrical energy bills? Either the microFIT or net metering can reduce or eliminate these costs, in different ways.

  • MicroFIT is a program to sell all the power you produce to the province of Ontario, at a premium price.
  • Net-metering is a program of generating power for your own use, and swapping surplus daytime power exported to the grid in exchange for night-time power from the grid. This can drive your hydro bills nearly to zero.

Are you looking to build or retrofit a cottage  or home  with electricity when no grid connection is possible, or it is TOO expensive?

Are you looking for a way to make your property more environmentally friendly?

Do you heat your hot water with electricity, oil or propane and would like to reduce your energy costs by using free solar heat for part of your hot water heating needs?

If you've answered "yes" to any questions, then you've come to the right place. We can help you outfit your property with solar panels that are good for both the environment and your wallet.

The benefits in addition to reducing your carbon footprint are:

You can go beyond reducing your hydro bills to zero, the sales of the electricity you produce results in more income than you spend purchasing  electricity for your use. This is a good, very low risk environmentally friendly source of income, secured by a 20 year Ontario government backed contract. This can be a better investment than our RRSPs, and has a highly predictable rate of return on investment.
Net metering
Provides great protection against rising hydro rates, and is an option in most provinces in Canada. All power is exchanged at the prevailing retail price, with no subsidy of any kind. Your hydro bill drops almost to zero. You use the grid as a virtual battery, exporting power when you have a surplus on sunny days, and importing power at night and on cloudy days.
This is the solution where the cost of hydro line installation to a remote property is unaffordable, or not even possible. We  can help with planning, design, and kits for DIY systems.
Solar panels with patches of snow melting tanken late March 2014


Solar panels are a solid investment at almost any Canadian location property where there is good access to sunlight. With energy costs perpetually on the rise, we can help you save money while increasing the value of your property.

Because we want to design a net metering or off-grid system engineered for your electrical energy requirements, we'll learn more about your electrical consumption. We'll match your needs and design a custom system using top quality products.

Buy One Hour Of Expert Advice

We frequently get phone calls where the caller asks to pick our brains about an off grid or grid connected solar system they are considering. Since this is such a popular request, we now offer the following consulting service to meet this need. This is how this works:

You call us and tell us you wish to have a discussion about a solar system. We offer to provide an hour's telephone consultation, in exchange for a pre-payment of one hour of our time + HST by an e-mail transfer. When we receive your e-mail transfer, we call you back and discuss all of the topics that you are concerned about.

Solar DHW
We also provide complete solutions to reduce your energy costs for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) heating, hydronic heating and solar hot water for commercial applications.
Solar Swimming Pool Heater
And for your summer fun, we sell and install top performing unglazed solar pool heater systems. And we can supply kits for those who wish to do a DIY install.

MicroFIT or Net metering?

If you don't know which is most appropriate for you, call us and we can help you decide!

If you're interested in a project that you can complete on your own, we supply do-it-yourself kits throughout Canada. Each one is customized to meet your requirements.

Who can participate? There is one restriction that applies to both. The hydro utilities have rules to limit the amount of solar power on each part of the grid. Hydro One has a 7% rule that they apply. If there are too many solar installations in your area, they may say there is insufficient capacity. This is the only restriction that applies to net metering under 10 kW in Ontario. For microFIT, there are a significant number, click to visit our who can qualify for microFIT page.